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Welcome to the shared register of companies portal for the German federal states

  • Notice:
  • Please note that any billing for the use of the common register portal of the German federal states will be conducted by the central payment agency of the justice authorities (ZZJ) at the Oberlandesgericht Hamm.
  • We regret to tell you that the local service agencies cannot respond to qureries with regard to the Transparency Register. Therefore, for any corresponding queries please use the service phone numbers of the Transparency Register as provided in the homepage at
  • Due to the consolidation of legal forms you may sometimes receive multiple types of names for the same entity when using the enhanced search function, for instance“partnerships�� and “partner company” or “single businessman”, “single businesswoman” or “single businessman / single businesswoman” can be offered for search at the same time. As soon as all changes will have been completed we will remove the outdated terms from the selection list in the enhaced search function.

Please observe the warning by the Federal-state Administration of Justice Department and the Federal Ministry of Justice regarding payment notices relating to the use of online services.

On this site you will find the registers of companies, cooperatives and partnerships and also of associations registered in all federal states in Germany as well as announcements for the register (publications).

Any structured information provided for retrieval by individual federal states if any, shall be deemed a non-binding service provision. In some specific cases the contents may vary from the current printout or may contain information that is incomplete.

Any search for a company and retrieving of published information is free of charge. For any other information you will be charged a fee upon a respective notice.

To receive information that is subject to a charge please register at the common service centre for the German federal states.

Please pay attention to the notes on the current status.

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