Common register portal of the German federal states

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Terms of Use

1.) These Terms of Use define the rules for the public user relationship with the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia when services of this website are used, including any search and retrieval of data as well as storing and printing hard copies of commercial register information. Provisions in Section 9 of the German Commercial Code (HGB), Sections 52 and 53 of the German Commercial Register Regulation (HRV) as amended shall be applicable.

2.) The use of commercial register data is permitted for information purposes to any user.

3.) For data retrieval, fees shall be charged under the provisions in no. 1140 and 1141 of the cost index provided under the judicial administration costs law. For each retrieval of information available under a single commercial register number (current printout, chronological printout, historic printout, company proprietor data, document retrieval, structured register content) a separate fee will be charged to the amount as provided below:

Aktueller Abdruck (AD) 4,50 EUR
Chronologischer Abdruck (CD) 4,50 EUR
Historischer Abdruck (HD) 4,50 EUR
Dokument 1,50 EUR
Unternehmensträgerdaten (UT) 0,00 EUR
Veröffentlichungen (VÖ) 0,00 EUR
Strukturierter Registerinhalt (SI) 4,50 EUR

4.) Such fees will be charged regardless of whether or not for the specific registration number any data had been retrieved before or during the same session. No expenditures shall be charged.

5.) The fees will be charged in the month following the date of retrieval of data.

6.) If commercial register data is retrieved from a federal state which under the provisions of laws of this state does not charge fees for the respective service, then in such cases no fees will be charged.

7.) Commercial register data retrieved free of charge may be used only for such purposes for which the free-of-charge service is specifically provided. Commercial register data must not be passed on to any third party. All employees of institutions providing free-of-charge retrieval service who get access to user identification are required to specifically agree to comply with these Terms of Use.

8.) If legal entities or other public-sector institutions in some individual German states are not entitled to use the retrieval service free of charge, then for any data retrieval in such federal states the user shall receive by email an itemised list including date, time and search results (court, registration type, registration number) of the data viewed.

9.) Commercial register data retrieved may be used and disseminated only to the extent allowed under applicable data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU 2016/679 of 27.04.2016) and the data protection laws of the federal government and the federal states in Germany.

10.) It is not allowed to make more than 60 retrievals per hour. Upon infringement of this provision the respective user ID may be disabled. In case a user can provide justifiable reasons for a more frequent retrieval rate, such user has the option, upon prior agreement with the service centre of the register portal, to be allowed to retrieve information at a more frequent rate for a limited period of time.

For data retrievals from federal states in which he is not charged the subscriber is additionally bound to use the retrieved data only for those purposes for which fees are not levied and not to pass on the data to third parties. All employees of the establishment for which a fee is not levied who are granted access to the user ID are individually bound to comply with these Regulations of Use.