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References and Links

As part of the information provided to visitors, this website includes also some links or references to other websites. As a rule, the respective provider of these third-party websites is responsible for such information. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia only provides access to these contents.

At the time when the link or reference has been provided to a third-party site its contents had been checked as to whether the information made available there could cause a possible civil or criminal liability. Nevertheless, we have no influence on the current or future design, the contents or the copyright on the third-party websites to which we provide a link or reference. Therefore, we expressly point out that we do not assume any responsibility for the contents provided on any such website we refer to and which has been changed after we have installed a link to its contents on our website.

The provider of the linked page alone shall be liable for illegal, faulty or incomplete content, and in particular for losses resulting from the use or non-use of information provided in this way and not the one who merely by way of web links refers to such publications made available on the internet.


Copyright and Trademark Law

If not indicated otherwise, all pages on this information server are protected by the copyright law. This applies in particular to texts, pictures and charts, including their arrangement on the websites. Reproduction or use of such pages (or any parts thereof) in other electronic or print publications and their publication (including making them public on the internet) is not permitted without a prior consent of the copyright holder.

A publication or further use of data published on these pages under the name "register of companies" (Handelsregister) is not permitted (Section 8 subsection 2 of the German Commercial Code). Some pictures, charts, text or other files as a whole or in part can be protected by a copyright held by a third party.

All trademarks referred to in this internet presentation, which may be protected under a copyright held by a third party, are fully subject to the provisions of the trademark ownership laws currently effective for the registered owner. By mentioning a trademark in this web presentation we do not allow to draw a conclusion that the specific trademark mentioned on these pages is not protected by a copyright of a third party.


Notice under Article 3 number 3 of the Directive 2012/17/EU

The national provisions based on which under Article 3 paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 of the Directive 2009/101/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 on coordination of safeguards which, for the protection of the interests of members and third parties, are required by Member States of companies within the meaning of the second paragraph of Article 54 of the Treaty, with a view to making such safeguards equivalent (EC No L 258, 1.10.2009, p.11) third parties can refer to the facts as indicated in Article 2 of the same Directive, are contained in Section 15 of the German Commercial Code.

Under this provision:

In a dispute with any third party the company can refer only to such facts which have been duly registered and published or which had already been known to such third party (Section 15 subsection 1 of the German Commercial Code). A third party has to accept such facts that have been duly registered and published. This shall not apply to legal acts which have been taken within fifteen days upon publishing, if the third party is able to prove that it neither had knowledge of the fact nor was required to know such fact (Section 15 subsection 2 of the German Commercial Code). If a fact had not been registered properly then the third party, in a dispute with the party who is required to register the fact, is entitled to refer to the fact as it had been published, unless such third party had knowledge of the faulty registration (Section 15 subsection 3 of the German Commercial Code).