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Help for the normal search

The Normal Search helps you to search through all the data available in the register of the federal states employing a limited number of search criteria. You can conduct a search using the following criteria:

- type of register
In the list of options you will be able to choose between the register types such as HRA, HRB, GnR, PR and VR. You are free to search among all register types.

- register number
Either the register number or apostcode/zipcode may be specified, or both together.

- register court
In a list of options you can specify the appropriate register court of the company you are looking for.

- company or keywords
In this box you can enter the company's name or part of the company's name. You can also perform a search by using keywords or by entering strings for certain keywords if they have been provided by the responsible register court.

When employing the company’s name or keywords you can further specify or limit your search by using the option boxes that are additionally available. The following options are available:

- subsidiary
You can specify the location of a subsidiary as an optional search criterion.

In addition, using search options you can perform a fuzzy search or extend your search even to companies that have already been removed from the register. A fuzzy search is sometimes also referred to as the so-called phonetic search. This is a search method that is able to recognize certain strings of characters and words with similar pronunciation as identical. This comparative operation is based on the so-called Cologne phonetics that is employed particularly by public administrative bodies.

- search for placeholder

You can use placeholders to search for exact company names and according to the criteria branch/registered office.
Permitted placeholder characters are * and ?.
The asterisk stands for any number of characters (or none).
The question mark stands for just one character.

Apart from a search for the exact name of the company placeholders at the start of a search term are not permitted.

The key word search does not use placeholders. Here the * and ? characters are interpreted as dividers.

 search example

Name of the company: Daylite Leuchten Ziller GmbH
Federal state: Hessen (HE)
Register court: Kassel
Type of register: HRB
Register number: 1234
registered office: Kassel
Postal code: 34121
Location: Kassel
Street: Frankfurter Str. 10

The company can be found using placeholders by entering the following criteria:

Exact name of the company = Daylite Leuchten Ziller*
Registered office = Kas*

By clicking on the button Find you finally initiate the query.