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Help for the search result

In the search result template those companies that fulfill the prescribed search criteria are listed. The use of unambiguous search terms should result in the selection of just a few firms. If more than 200 have been found then only the first 200 hits are shown initially. Since it may for functional reasons be necessary to find more than 200 firms a link offers the option of doubling the number of firms displayed. In this way it is possible to bring up any number of hits.

The companies you have found are arranged and displayed by pages, if all companies that have been found in a search cannot be displayed on a single page. The individual pages consist of the header, the search result and the footer sections. In the header and the footer sections several functions to control the display of the results are provided to the user. You can enable or disable the company history using the selection box History . The selection list company/name allows you to sort the search results by company, court, state, type of register, register number, registered office and status in an ascending or in a descending order. When you click on the button Sort the search result will be displayed in the new selected sort order.

The search results themselves are displayed by individual companies in several lines. The lines are divided into several result columns:

In the column company/name you will find the company details. In the first line the state, the competent register court, the type of register and the register number are indicated. In the next line below the name of the company is indicated. Beneath the company name you will find the history of the company name.

The column ‘registered office’ shows first the current registered office and then below the history of the registered office.

The status of companies is displayed in the status column. Firms can be awarded the status current or deleted .

In the last column on the right references to the documents are found that you can retrieve from this register portal. These are the following documents:

AD Current Hard Copy Printout

The current original in the electronic or mechanical commercial register relates to entries concerning one particular company which contains information (usually in the form of consecutive text) that is valid only at this point in time.

You can view a sample of the current hard copy printout for the company "Thyssen Stahl GmbH" free of charge.

CD Chronological Hard Copy Printout

The chronological printout shows, in chronological order, all entries – both the current ones and also those that are specifically marked as irrelevant – that have been available since the register has been maintained electronically. The entries are optically arranged in the same way as the columns of the register of companies.

You can view a sample of the chronological hard copy printout for the company "Thyssen Stahl GmbH" free of charge.

HD Historical Hard Copy Printout

The historical printout is a hard copy of the paper pages from the former register of companies that have now been transferred to electronic image files.

DK Tree Structure for the Documents Submitted to the Register

The document tree shows in ins structured way all documents available for an entity which since 01.01.2007 have been submitted in electronic form to the competent register court and have been cleared for retrieval from this site by this court. These are notably such documents as articles of association, company statutes, lists of shareholders or minutes of meetings.

Presentation of the document tree
The presentation chart of the document tree has two sections. The left-hand section shows the „Documents on Legal Entity“ in the folder structure. On the second level you will find documents of he current register court under „Documents on Register Number“. They are divided in the following categories:

In addition, the second level may display folders with documents from former registration authorities (pre-volumes), e. g. when the registered address of the company has been changed or mergers have taken place. Here you have the same categories as descreibed above.

If you open the tree structure for the first time for a legal entity, the lower levels of the document structure will be closed. Each next level in the hierarchy will be opened by activating the respective folder. You can select a document or a whole folder with documents that you want to retrieve by activating the respective folder. The selected document or the selected folder will then appear against a coloured background. Please note that the fee to be charged for retrieving documents is payable for each document you have selected.

Further information on your current selection can be found at the right of the browser window. For individual documents this field shows information for “download“ or “detailed information“; when a folder is selected the detailed information is revealed. The “Download“ information allows you to select the file format required for document fetch. For your information the file size in the available file formats as well as the type of document are also displayed. In addition, the number of selected files and the related fetch charges are shown. The download button is situated below the information on fees; with this you can initiate document fetch. When you have selected an individual document you will find further detailed information on this document under the download button. If available, the date of receipt of the document, the creation date or the relevant reference date are given.

Retrieval of documents
When you have selected the desired documents or folders you can start to retrieve the information by clicking on the “download” button in the right-hand section of the browser window. You will be directed to a new webpage that will show the documents you have selected along with the fees that will be charged for these documents. You have also the option to enter a file reference number. In your monthly advice of charge the current charges will then be listed under this file reference number. After you have confirmed the fees you shall be charged with, you will access the download area from which you can retrieve the selected documents. Since the retrieval of documents is reserved only for registered users, you will be asked to log on to the portal, if you have not done so before.

Cross-references between documents
Cross-references between documents are displayed in a particular way in the document tree structure. In particular this is relevant for objections against the lists of shareholders; although the same way of displaying cross-references will be used also for other types of references, if they have been made by the register court and have been cleared for publication. Cross-references between documents will be made in the following manner:
If there are other documents referring to the current document, then such documents will be gathered in a subfolder. The name of the subfolder will contain the expression "(+ references)". This subfolder will then contain the actual document and all other documents referring to it. The referring documents are marked with the prefix “=>” in the document name. Example:
There are two shareholder lists for a company of which one is dated 01.10.2007 and the other one is dated 01.01.2008. And there is an objection to the list dated 01.01.2008 which was filed on 10.01.2008. Therefore, under the “list of shareholders” you will find the following hierarchy:

This subfolder with references can be retrieved in the same manner as information from any other folder.

Explanations of the detailed information relating to register documents:

In the register folder detailed information regarding selected documents is indicated, the meaning of which is explained in the following:

Admission in the register folder on:
Date on which a document was first admitted in a register folder. If this date is not indicated it can be obtained from the registration office responsible.

Created by:
Date on which the alteration shown in the register document became effective according to the submitter.

Created on:
Date the document was created.

Received on:
Date on which the document was received by the registration office.

UT Entity Data

VÖ List of the Register Announcements

SI structured register content

XML file with the Current Printout and Chronological Printout data for further automated processing.

Any structured information provided for retrieval by individual federal states if any, shall be deemed a non-binding service provision. In some specific cases the contents may vary from the current printout or may contain information that is incomplete.

Apart from the list of the register announcements (VÖ), the entity data (UT) and the tree structure of submitted documents (DK), these are all documents that are subject to a charge and are available only to registered users of the portal.

For the company "Thyssen Stahl GmbH" you can view sample files for the current hard copy printout and chronological hard copy printout free of charge.