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Frequently asked questions concerning the common register portal of the German federal states

1. What information do I get via the common register portal of the German federal states?

In the common register of the federal states the German judiciary authorities provide the opportunity to view entries into the registers of companies in all federal states from any PC workstation at any time. In addition to the registers of companies you are able to access data in the registers of cooperatives and partnerships and to some extent you can access the data in the register of associations.

You can search for registered companies and corporations even if you do not know the particular register number. The contents of the registered data are provided in various forms as a PDF document and can be saved electronically or printed out as a hard copy.

We provide the information in the following form:

The relevance to the current situation of the data you can view in the register is guaranteed. You will receive authentic data from the official register, because a search is always performed among the real-time data of the register of companies.

In addition, in the rgister portal you can download documents that had been submitted to the register court by electronic means and belong to the so-called register folder, including registration application, share holder lists and company’s articles of association. You can also get information about the current announcements provided in the register.

For detailed information on what parts of the register the individual states have provided please refer to the state info.

2. What should I expect to pay for using the register portal?

The registration to use the register portal is free of charge. No fees will be charged for a search for companies performed in the register and for viewing the company data, neither will you be charged for using the announcements in the register.

For each information retrieved to a specific number in the register (current hard copy printout, chronological hard copy printout, historic hard copy printout, retrieval of documents) a fee will be charged to the amount as shown below, irrespective of whether any data has been retrieved for the specified register number before or in the same session. Expenses will not be charged.

The amount charged is based on the No 1140, 1141 of the list of the costs of the Administration of Justice Expenses Act.

Current Hard Copy Printout (AD) 4.50 EUR
Chronological Hard Copy Printout (CD) 4.50 EUR
Historical Hard Copy Printout (HD) 4.50 EUR
Document 1.50 EUR
Entity Data (UT) 0.00 EUR
Publications (VÖ) 0.00 EUR
Structured register content (SI) 4.50 EUR

At the beginning of the following month, the service centre will send to you an AoC (Advice of Charge) by e-mail. In addition to the retrieval data, this AoC will also indicate the amount of fees payable as well as the user's file reference number which can be used to retrieve a registry sheet. An invoice will be sent by regular mail with the amount of fees payable. As an alternative, you may also participate in the SEPA direct debit scheme.

3. How can I register as a user of the register portal?

You must apply online. For that purpose please fill in the form in the section registration. Here you will register the access data of your choice consisting of a user name and a password. Based on the details provided by you, an application form will be generated which then will be sent to the service centre of the common register portal of the German federal states at the district court (Amtsgericht) in Hagen.

Once the registration has been checked and the user ID activated you will receive written notification by post from the service department ( contact to the service department ). You can then carry out searches in all the register data of the federal states.

Should there be any changes or modifications in your details, you can enter these changes online in the same way using the user data section.

4. Why don’t I get the document for the retrieval that I am looking for?

Through the document retrieval service you can always receive any document available for a company in the register folder. But you will find here only documents that have been submitted to the register court electronically.

If you are not able to access a specific document you are looking for in the register portal, you can apply at the competent register court for this document to be made available online. Such a document may not be older than ten years. In addition, this service provided upon individual application is subject to a charge (currently 2.00 euros per page, minimum charge is 25.00 euros).

Link to the search in the court database

5. Can I access annual accounts/balance sheets via this register portal?

Annual accounts and balance sheets cannot be accessed through this register portal. These documents are provided only via the Business Register of the Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger).

6. Whom can I contact for questions concerning the contents of the register of companies?

The respective district courts who maintain the registers are responsible for the entries made into the individual registers. For any queries about the contents of the entries please contact the respective district court (Amtsgericht).

Link to the search in the court database

7. While downloading PDF files the Internet Explorer displays a message saying: “An error has occurred while opening this document. This file cannot not been found."

Responsible for this error is a setting in the Internet Explorer. Please check whether you have marked the option “Do not save encrypted pages on hard disk” in the Internet Options in the tab “Advanced” under “Security”. If you have selected this option, it will prevent any encrypted file that has been transmitted from being saved, thus preventing you also from displaying the file on the screen. You can tell that a transmission of data has been encrypted by the yellow lock symbol in the status bar and by the protocol indication “https://” in the address bar of the Internet Explorer. For security reasons all register excerpts will be transmitted in an encrypted form.

8. When I am downloading data I receive the following message: “Unfortunately we are not able to allow you to retrieve this document via the TOR network for security reasons.”

The register portal is frequently a target for automated bulk queries. Very often the frequency of such bulk queries can reach an extent that will constitute an offence under the statutory provisions of Sections 303a and b of the German Criminal Code. Due to this situation we have banned any queries that will originate from the so-called TOR (TOR = the onion routing) network. In addition to this, we will ban any individual IP address any time when the conditions for the offence as described above shall occur. In both cases the person who has issued a query will see an error message quoted above.

It can occasionally occur that individual IP addresses will be banned due to a mistake. In such cases, even a legitimate query can result in the error message mentioned above.